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Parenting Advice Backed by Research

How frustrating is it when parenting advice directly conflicts with other parenting advice?? Sticking to research-backed tips clears the confusion. Here are a few!

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Feeding Your Toddler Right for Good Sleep

I learn all my best baby sleep tips from the amazing consultants at Sleep Wise Consulting. For our sensitive little girl, paying attention to what she ate helped so much with her sleep. Check it out:  Eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones) can significantly impact how well your toddler sleeps. After age one, babies’ nutritional needs shift, and it’s easy to unwittingly cause sleep problems by offering the wrong foods at the wrong times. There are two major changes in a baby’s dietary needs after her first birthday. To begin, milk is no longer the primary source of nutrition, but rather solid foods are now more important. Secondly, cow’s milk can be introduced. When you start cow’s milk, you’ll wean formula. But cow’s milk is not simply a replacement for formula. It plays a very different role in a toddler’s diet, and it needs to be offered in a new context. Read the full post over at Sleep Wise's page

Why You Should Consider Forest School Instead of Traditional Preschool

Forest School is a type of play-based learning that takes place entirely outdoors in a wooded area. The children lead their own learning through discovery and exploration in the natural world.  There is no indoor facility at all to really emphasize the purely outdoor, immersive experience a forest school offers. Instead of relying on indoor shelter, children learn to dress for the weather so that they can observe nature’s many faces.  At Forest School, children spend their days hiking, climbing, and exploring. Observing my daughter in this environment, I was reminded of a few truths that have me convinced that Forest School is the ideal type of preschool. First, nature is the best playground. The kids were naturally drawn to climb up onto stumps and tree branches or stomp through creeks. I can see how the natural world simplifies the process of preparing an age-appropriate environment; after all, the woods are our natural habitat, no matter how long we have lived in cities.  Next, ther…

Babies Who Take Good Naps Will Sleep Better Overnight

I highly recommend Sleep Wise Consulting by Katie Pitts when it comes to sleep. The ladies on her team seriously make magic! Check this article out on why good naps beget good night sleep:

Babies who take good naps will sleep better overnight. It may sound counterintuitive, but we promise it’s true. Keeping a baby up longer during the day will not tire them out for a good night’s rest. In fact, one of the most important factors in sleeping through the night is a well-rested baby. What Happens When a Baby is Sleep Deprived? To understand why this is true, let’s take a look at what happens when a baby is not well-rested. Have you ever stayed up later than usual and experienced a second wind? That surge of energy is from the stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline. Your body produces them because it senses that something is wrong. You did not go to sleep when your body clock said it was time. This is what happens to a baby who misses the right time to go down for a nap. The difference…

What Exactly Is Quality Children's Programming?

Screen time for kids is a hot topic. My personal choice is to default to the American Academy of Pediatric’s guidelines. In a nutshell, here they are. No screen time before ages 18-24 monthsCoview programmingInteract with the content (point things out, ask your child questions, etc)Maximum one hour of viewing per dayShow only high-quality programmingMostly, the guidelines are pretty clear. There is a set age limit to begin and a daily time limit. We’re supposed to watch together (I know you wanted to cook dinner) and make comments as we watch. But what about “high-quality programming”? What counts as good and what doesn’t?  Continue Reading

Short Naps? These Two Tricks Actually Work

Short naps are so frustrating but they CAN be fixed! Read about it here!

Why Dads Should Take Paternity Leave At The Same Time Moms Takes Maternity

Read this article about Dads' powerful new role in the modern world!